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Routes de neige – Snow routes

Avis important aux parents – Routes de neige

Important notice to parents – Snow routes


December 2016:
Bus Procedures for Heavy Snowfalls


Dear Parents and Guardians,

In the event of heavy snowfall and freezing rain conditions please listen to the following radio stations to get information on school closures and bus route changes.
CKNW 98.0 or Radio Canada 97.7

Please do not call Thirdwave’s dispatch to ask if the buses are running or schools are closed as this frequently ties up all of our phone lines. We need our lines free for emergency purposes.

For bus #62 and #61, if you see snow on top of the mountain it will be a snow route automatically for these routes as the buses are not able to drive up the mountains.

The radio message will be one of two messages. If there is no message then the schools are open and the buses will run on their regular routes. If the message says that the schools are closed, no buses will be running. If there is a significant snowfall the radio message may be that the buses are running on “snow routes”.

Snow routes are routes which do not go into side streets and only stay on the main roads. They have been designed so that they avoid hills and areas that the buses may have difficulty with accessibility.

These snow routes will have fewer stops and parents will have to bring their children to these pick-up points. Service will not be “door- to door” For snow routes, parents will not be required to phone the dispatch and tell us if their children are not riding the bus as the bus will not wait beyond the set time at the pick-up point.

Please try and arrive at these pick-up points five minutes before the scheduled stop time. Buses will not come back for students who miss the bus. There is a good possibility that because of the snow that these routes will be running behind schedule so please do not phone the dispatch until the bus is at least fifteen minutes behind schedule. Remember that you do not have to go to a specific stop; you can catch the bus at any of the stops on your run.

For the PM routes, children will only be dropped off when their parents are present unless we have permission from them for unsupervised drop-offs. Buses most likely will not be able to return to the stop, students will be returned to the school if no parent or guardian is present.

Hopefully this will help avoid some of the confusion this inclement weather causes and help ensure that all students get a safe ride to school.

Thank you for your co-operation in this manner.

Thirdwave Bus Services


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